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We stock a wide range of quality Food packaging from Paper bags to Cardboard Catering trays and everything else in-between with brands such as Shamrock, Detpak, Castaway & Max Value. 



We stock the best quality brand and products from the leading manufacturers in the wheat and grains industries. Stocking products from Allied Mills, Laucke, Bakels, Mauri, Cereform & Weston Milling 



 Our warehouse is full of sweet treats offering wholesale out to business and a showroom for direct purchase with brands such as Nestle, Mars, Cadbury, Allens, TNT, Fini, Trolli, Big Boss, Smiths & Red Rock Deli

Oil and Cooking Fats


As a bakery wholesaler we have the best range of cooking margarines, oils and fats, Using brands such as Peerless Foods, Bakels and Probake. 



Ever tried to make your own sausages? Come in and see our range of assorted flavours of premixes to make your own from Flavour Makers, Lesnies & Denco, Along with all your Natural or Synthetic skins, Twine, Netting, Spice/Glazes and more. 

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